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Education system in UK

The United Kingdom has one of the best education systems in the world. It has been attracting the best talent pool for centuries. The cornerstone of its education system is the unrivalled quality. The accreditation and the audit systems ensure the highest level of quality. The professional bodies monitor the education standards of the institutions. The various academic departments have to meet the highest qualities living up to the international standards. The education system expects the universities to maintain high standards in creating world class facilities. The ambience should be in a way to stimulate creativity. Vast libraries, updated research materials and dedicated faculty members enhance the value of education.

The system in UK is practical with multiple options of study. It provides value for money. The student can pick up shorter courses of 6 months duration to more intensive courses running up to 4 years. The courses are tailor made to the requirement of the student. If an employee with an experience in banking would like to deepen his knowledge in a particular area, a six month course will be readily available for him. The UK universities create an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment. The faculty to student ratio is 1:10 creating a closer interaction and personalized attention.

The UK has been a popular academic destination for international students as it offers cross-spectrum of courses. The international students receive support from the university not only in academics but also in coping with the new cultural milieu. Universities offer courses ranging from Anthropology to Zoology making it a popular destination for international students particularly from India. There are about 200 educational institutions welcoming international students.

A brief insight into schooling in UK

The Education in UK is compulsory for all between the ages five and sixteen. During this period, they are entitled for free education in state schools. Within this, fifth to eleventh year of education comes under primary schooling and twelfth to sixteenth year comes under secondary schooling. This is followed by the post secondary education. The post secondary education is one of the prerequisites to enter into the first degree i.e. the bachelor’s degree.

Qualifications Obtainable From Colleges and Universities
Higher National Diploma
It is a two year course in vocational subjects related to scientific and technical business fields. Here there is great emphasis on work experience. The credits obtained here can be transferred for the study of a degree course in the university.

Sandwich Courses
These courses provide practical experience in a particular field. The course work is intertwined with the practical work. The student can complete two years of college and proceed to practical training and return for final year in college. Sometimes the student can go for the practical training for a short period of three to four months after every academic year. The advantage of these courses is the student gets the real time experience by the time he completes the course

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences (B.Sc, BA etc)

These courses are normally of three or four year duration. These are usually taught courses. Occasionally, it involves written thesis.

Post Graduate Courses

The duration of these courses in the UK is normally one year. Post graduate courses are taught courses accompanied by research work leading to submission of a thesis. These are the most popular courses among the international students. The doctoral programs usually require three years. The enrolment for these courses is normally limited, apart from this there are many post doctoral courses.